Prolotherapy Offered at our Office in San Francisco


Dr. Irène Minkowsky has pioneered specialized techniques in prolotherapy.

She uses proliferative injections with a unique expertise to provide ground breaking regenerative treatments and has been helping patients with this approach for over 30 years. She is by far one of San Francisco’s most experienced prolotherapy doctors.

A proliferative injection uses dextrose, which acts as an irritant and lidocaine, an anesthetic, to create a temporary inflammation to repair and strengthen injured ligaments and tendons. This increases blood supply, nutrients and growth factor to the injured tissue. Repairing fibroblasts are attracted by the inflammation and form new connective tissue.


Osteopathic manipulation pre-injection is helpful to restore proper joint function. Use of a local analgesic skin spray anesthetizes the area.

Daily stretching home exercises are taught. Three to six injections are usually needed. Touch up injections may be required for residual pain spots.

Ice and anti-inflammatory medication should be avoided during the injection series. Tylenol (acetaminophen) and heat can be used instead.


Prolotherapy emulates the body’s natural injury response. It increases the nutrients and blood supply to an injured area which stimulates tissue repair. These injections have shown benefits in helping heal ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, joint capsules, cartilage and other weakened or injured body parts.

Our SF prolotherapy services use nonsurgical treatment to resolve musculoskeletal problems.