Nonsurgical Orthopedics

If you develop persistent shoulder or back pain, most people think of consulting an orthopedist. In the United States, orthopedists are surgeons. They define issues on the basis of anatomical change seen on an x-ray or MRI and approach treatment with the goal of restoring “normal” anatomy.

In 1929, a British orthopedist, Dr. James Cyriax, came to the realization that musculoskeletal complaints are often accompanied by normal or equivocal x-ray studies and that a detailed examination of the function of the musculoskeletal system was necessary in order to establish a specific diagnosis and treatment.

Orthopedic Medicine was born.

The goal of orthopedic medicine is to make a precise diagnosis through a detailed physical examination and provide treatment to restore normal function of the musculoskeletal system. It overlaps with the focus of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), a medical specialty with a focus on improving function. 

Everyone develops anatomic structural abnormalities in bones and joints as we age, but they do not necessarily cause pain. In fact, they often help to provide stability. Pain frequently results from impaired function. A spine may look arthritic, but the person may be pain free and active. 

At the Physicians’ Back Institute, our doctors use their 35 years of medical practice and experience in orthopedics, rheumatology and neurology to make a precise diagnosis and provide effective nonsurgical treatment of complicated musculoskeletal issues. They understand that images and x-rays are important, but they are only a part of the picture. By combining their experience in Orthopedic Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), 

Drs. Irène and Minkowsky treat the spine and joints as part of the entire body and are able to improve how their patients feel and move. They understand the art of medicine.


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