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What Sets Our Neck Pain Treatment Apart

Drs. Irène & Robert Minkowsky are physiatrists, osteopaths and orthopedic medicine specialists who have been in practice for over 30 years, treating and helping individuals with neck pain. Head or neck trauma, sports injuries, spinal stenosis with nerve compression, disc pathology, facet arthritis, and TMJ can all produce neck pain. 

Neck Pain Treatment & Management

A variety of treatments are effective for both acute and chronic neck pain. They include osteopathic manipulation, myofascial release, craniosacral work, therapeutic exercise, improved ergonomics and movement reeducation and proliferative injections.

Drs. Irène & Robert Minkowsky provide treatment for both acute and chronic neck pain. The key is in a thorough medical history and detailed physical examination. They will diagnose your neck pain and provide a comprehensive and effective treatment plan. They look forward to working with you.

Located in SF, our physiatrists use nonsurgical and nonpharmacologic treatment to resolve musculoskeletal issues.

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Don’t let chronic pain and musculoskeletal injuries affect your quality of life. Drs. Irène and Robert Minkowsky have helped thousands of patients. Let the doctors at the Physicians’ Back Institute treat you so you can enjoy an active lifestyle. They are proud to serve the San Francisco Bay Area.

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