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Dr. Irène Minkowsky & Dr. Robert Minkowsky

For 30 years, Drs Irène and Robert Minkowsky have been successfully treating complex musculoskeletal problems. Their traditional medical backgrounds in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Internal Medicine coupled with their knowledge and experience in Osteopathic Medicine, including craniosacral and visceral manipulation, help them provide a comprehensive approach both in evaluation and treatment. In addition, Dr. Irène Minkowsky was a pioneer using proliferative injections for ligament laxity. Emphasis is placed on clinical evaluation with a detailed history and physical examination. Thinking globally and inclusively about the body yields better results than focusing solely on a symptomatic region. Although information provided by MRI scans may be helpful, it is an inadequate substitute to talking to patients and examining them. Once a diagnosis is established the emphasis in treatment is non pharmacologic. Muscle weakness and structural imbalance is identified and corrected through osteopathic manipulation, a specific exercise program and improved ergonomics and body mechanics. Individuals are self-empowered through understanding all of the elements of their problem and how to address them. The approach is very personalized with a high success rate due to the complex, multifaceted approach with attention to detail.

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